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Mall of India Advertising

Make your Advertising eloquent and scalable at Mall of India.

Mall Of India Makes Reaching Shoppers Easy & Efficient: by Mall, Market, Region, or Nationwide.

Static, Spectacular, and Digital formats.

On time Execution - 10 days from approved proofs to posting

Unmatched Scale and Opportunity in top Markets

Mall of India Sky Banner

High Impact Advertising in crowded locations.

With a Sky Banner, your message will be exhibited from both near and far.

  • In high traffic courts and corridors, Sky Banners are posted
  • Three Standard Sizes Available: 16' x 14', 8’ x 14’ and 5’ x 9’
  • Sky Banners are double-sided and advertisers may use unique creative imagery on either side

Digital Spectaculars

HD Digital Boards offer dazzling full motion advertising spots rotating with shopping, mall, news, sports, and local content.

In a whole new way, Digital spectaculars that are inside the mall can truly grab attention. Regardless of the goal, these attention grabbing interior opportunities can give you a chance to work for your brand at a mall, regional or national level.


Popping the Message! BriteWalls change the rich and bold colors of creative graphics into beautiful attention grabbing displays, indoors & outdoors.


Eye Catching Eye-Level advertising

Interior Spectaculars

Effective High-Profile locations that Reach Shoppers throughout the Mall

Elevator & Escalator Wraps

  • Dynamic Elevator and Escalator advertising grabs tremendous impact on shopper.
  • Custom sizes vary by property.

Exterior Spectaculars

High Profile Marquee Locations

WindowSpaces: Spectacular Entrance Windowscapes at Major Shopper Entrances.

Digital Media

Mall of India strives to deliver modern and innovative digital experiences across web, mobile and social channels.